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Journey of an Accountant to Successful Financial Advisor

I, Mr. Aashish Trivedi, 51 years old, run a successful company called Viral Wealth Managers. I have completed my graduation in Finance and also completed my C.A.

Initially, I began my career doing double entry A/c for a music company, while studying for C.A. and later doing Article ship, for 3 years. I then shifted my field to Textiles. I began working as an accountant for Yarn Manufacturing and continued working there for 2-1/2 years. Meanwhile, I joined family business of chemical exports. I handled all the financial reports for the company. I was at the same time handling reports of 32 agencies. My curiosity for Excise and exports increased and I wanted to learn how the process worked.

Soon, I started selling chemicals oversees. It was a hectic job with limited people managing but we grew in abundance in the span of 10 years. Things started becoming monotonous and so I planned to move back in Finance. The next day, I decided to not go office. At that point, I use to sell Insurance part time as a Sub broker. I had complete financial knowledge and so could pursue full time. I met Mr. Vibhash Desai; he helped me associate with Mutual Fund Distributorship.

There, we could offer a total package of financial services, from Mutual funds to Insurance. They had an amazing technological platform that made everything easier. It’s been 10 years in the business and now we cater to 1000 clients.

Sparrows Sprout helped me tremendously in all aspects of business. From personality development to subject matter of business. Trainings helped us strike a balance between

delegating works, creating support system, and maintain client relationships as well as Employer-employee relations. With regular meetings the business flourished.

My message to aspirants would be that many people are yet not having financial freedom and so it’s the need of the hour. Very few professions give you a chance to make a difference in individual lives.

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Sparrow’s Sprout is a training institute for business solutions. We work extensively in financial services sector for building financial advisors and wealth management firms.

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