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Three Attributes of Successful Financial Distributor


( Exclusive for Financial Advisors/Planners/Consultants )

In this article we will introduce you with three basic attributes of financial Product Distributor should have in order to become Successful.

  • People Skills
  • Personality and Reliance
  • Product,Process and Technical Knowledge

If you have decided to become financial distributor or wondered whether this career path could be right for you, there are several qualities that you will need to possess, at least to some degree. Selling financial products can be a lucrative proposition, with relatively high-paying commissions and a high degree of autonomy with flexible work hours.

However, it is not an easy job. You can expect a high rate of customer rejection, stress, and attrition rate. Still, all good insurance agents share some of the following skills and knowledge, plus core qualities in one way or another.


  • Becoming a Financial Product Distributor, can offer work independence and flexibility with potentially a high earning opportunity.
  • To be successful in the industry, distributors should understand the skills and attributes that are common among top producers.
  1. People Skills

    A. Puts the needs of the client first
    .-A Distributor who is only out to earn a commission, regardless of the needs of the client, is not likely to last long in the business. Agents and brokers who listen carefully to what their clients and prospects say will be able to earn their trust, which is the hardest part of their job.
    When learning how to be a successful financial distributor, it’s critical to know that agents who are willing to put their clients into a product that pays a lower commission because it better fits their needs are much more likely to retain customers.
    B.Good customer serviceCustomers who are able to get a hold of their agents when they need them are much more likely to stay happy and reassured. A timely response to inquiries and phone calls is a must, and you must be able to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it, or at least have a good reason as to why you can’t.
    One of the major complaints of those who buy financial products like insurance and investments is that, there is no one around to answer their questions after they have purchased the policy.
    C.Emotional intelligence This includes the ability to listen and empathize with clients on a deeper level in order to discern what they really want and need. A good agent is tactful and knows how to help a client see financial reality clearly, even when the client is dead set against it.

  2. Personality and Reliance

    A. High energy level
    One of the most important traits of a good financial products distributor is that they appear to be excited and eager at all times. A worn-down or dreary disposition will immediately rub off on clients and discourage them from buying anything.
    B. Persistence-This is perhaps the most vital quality of any good distributor. Those who work in this field absolutely must be able to handle rejection on a daily basis over the course of their careers and do it with a smile. Good insurance agents understand that each “no” only brings them closer to someone who will say “yes.”
    C. Honesty-Financial Products Distributors who use deception to close business seldom stay with the same company for very long—and can end up behind bars in some cases. A good agent knows that telling the truth upfront willwin them clients’ respect and trust and is likely to lead to repeat business over time.

  3. Product, Process, Technical Knowledge

    A.  A wide array of productsAs the old saying goes, if all you have to work with is a hammer, then everything in the world looks like a nail. A good insurance agent will be able to offer a comprehensive selection of products and services that can meet any reasonable need a client might have.
    B. Business Process Knowledge- Process is the skeleton of the financial Distributors on which entire business thrives. There are various processes responsible to grow business such as lead generation, new client and business acquisition, client servicing. These process help distributors to track, analyse, plan and measure their performance as well as areas of improvements.
    C. Technical know-how.A distributor knows much more than how to sell a policy. The agent must understand the tax and legal aspects of the products he or she sells and how they are designed to fit into a client’s overall financial situation.


In this article, we have identified three important attributes of Financial Product Distributor, must possess in order to be successful. The Financial Product Distributor business can be very challenging and immensely rewarding for those who are willing to learn the necessary skills to build their business.

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