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Psychology of Achieving Business Success

( Exclusive for Financial Advisors/Planners/Consultants )

  • Success is a journey, which has many destinations. Entrepreneurs have a purpose in their mind before starting their business. There is always a decisive moment where entrepreneurs take a decision to start their business. The situations give birth, the idea of taking a decision to start a business and these situations make you stand with courage and fearlessness. There is always an emotional click factor which drives your the decision making process.

However it has been observed that after starting a business, eventually that initial purpose becomes weak due to challenges of the day to day business operations as well as lack of clarity about a journey map for taking further steps.

In this article we would like to highlight four important psychological parameters which will help you to make your business journey fulfilling and successful.

There are four psychological parameters; every entrepreneur should consider designing their road map of business journey. These four parameters will provide you clarity and motivation during your business journey. These four parameters are:

  1. Decide Your Destination– Although success is a journey, however to start your journey, first you need to decide your destination. Because journey without a destination is like a business without meaning. The destination is nothing but your business goal which you set before a beginning of a business journey. Business journey begins, the moment you set your destination. Setting up a destination will give you an psychological advantage towards achieving your business success.
  2. Check your Direction– Direction plays very important part in the achievement of business success. Your actions and your effort should always be towards the decided destination. If has have already set the destination, however if you have taken a wrong direction then you will land yourself in getting delay for business success or even failure. So checking your journey direction often gives you a psychological advantage towards achieving your business success.
  1. Control your Speed- Speed of your actions is another psychological parameter which defines your business success. If you have decided your destination and chosen the direction then moving towards your destination with speed gives you confidence to achieve the business success. Sometimes speed may hamper because of low actions towards your destinations and sometimes higher speed also can wear out early before reaching towards your destination. So controlling speed of your actions gives you a psychological advantage towards achieving your business success.
  1. Do regular maintenance– During journey, preserving yourself is a very crucial. Due to various factors in journey, psychological wear and tear happens. You need regular mentoring, training and coaching in order to maintain your state of mind, everyday. You also need to enhance your knowledge; skills and attitude during the course of jouney. This will help you to gain your power and confidence for keep moving towards your destination with decided direction and regular actions. This getting regular maintenance for yourself gives you a psychological advantage towards achieving your business success.

If you follow these four parameters then you will always have a psychological edge for achieving your business success.

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  1. Jay Ved says:

    As we advise clients to have a goal based planning, in the same way it is important to have goal for the business as well, the purpose you have started the business.
    Like market,even businesses moves up & down & you need a coach or a mentor who pulls you back on the right path
    Very nice & motivating article.

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