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Sparrow’s Sprout Method for Optimising Work Efficiency For Financial Advisors/Planners

Financial advisors/planners are always looking forwards for innovative techniques to optimise their work efficiency. Time, Money and Energy are three important resources which are the measures of efficiency and play vital role in the journey to build a successful enterprise. Money and time can be measured however energy can be felt and very difficult to measure. However Time is the only important resource among them, which is irreversible.

90 minutes Technique for increasing work efficiency:

This is a rule 90 minutes which says that you plan and manage your business work in a stipulated 90 minutes of each slot. One can do multiple of 90 minutes slot for different task with defined objectives.

There are five steps in the 90 minutes technique:

  • Decide on the objectives and task to be done.
  • Set the 90 minutes timer
  • Work on the task.
  • End work when the timer rings and put a check on the completion of task.
  • After every 90 minutes take a break for minimum 10 minutes and then repeat the four steps

This method is very simple and crisp and gives you plenty of benefits:

  1. Increased focus
  2. Clarity of objective and task to be done
  3. No deviation
  4. Less distractions
  5. Increased efficiency with higher productivity

In order to master this method, one needs a practise for one week with minimum four slots planning and working experience each day. This method will surely help you the increase your work efficiency to optimum level.


Business Task chart for 90 minutes Technique

There are number of tasks financial planners/advisors can decide to conduct during 90 minutes stipulated time, and measure their efficiency for that particular task.

List of these tasks are mentioned below:

  1. Sales process task- Sales process has various stages right from prospecting to closing the sale.
  2. Service process task- Service process has numbers of different works in order to fulfil needs and requirements of clients. These works may include process formalities, feedbacks and reviews.
  3. Goal Plan and review- This is very important segment of business. It has been observed that successful financial planners/ advisors often devote ample amount of time for goal planning and reviews.
  4. Reference / Referrals collection- This important activity generates business leads for future business productivity. It is very essential to allot time to exercise reference collection for survival and growth of your business.
  5. Self development- In business, developing self through training, coaching, mentoring, reading and meditating is the key for success. This task is unavoidable in day to day work in order to keep yourself motivated and ready for business challenges.
  6. Client Loyalty programs- Our clients are our brand ambassadors and making them satisfied through contributory activities is the essence of the financial services business.
  7. Employee management Process- Workforce are the tentacles of business they help you to conduct various activities right from sales to services. It is very important to review and reward employees for reinforcing work motivation and make them contribute towards your business.
  8. Self Introspection- This is to identify you and your business SWOT for identifying areas of improvement and taking corrective measures to resolve so that you can maintain your journey towards growth and prosperity.

About us:  Sparrow’s Sprout is a training institute for business solution. We work extensively in the area of financial services. We help Financial Advisors, Planner and Wealth management firm to build their business.

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