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How to Generate Business Leads For Financial Services Business?

What Is Lead Generation?

  • Lead Generation is an activity that stimulates interest in a product/service and attracts potential customers for the purpose of filling the sales pipeline.
  • A lead generation strategyis essentially a well-thought-out process for getting qualified leads into the top of the pipeline

Strategies for Lead Generation

  1. Leads from Referrals – Your satisfied clients are asset of your business. This satisfied client will become your centre of influence(C of I) and help you with sharing prospect data with you. However creating C of I is a continuous process and asking data from c of I is an art. In order to master this art, please refer Article – 7 Magical Steps for Getting Quality References
  2. Leads from awareness programs – Awareness programs builds the image of your business as well as reach of your brand. The awareness programs help you introduce yourself and your organisation to connect numbers of new prospects. This activity also helps you to position your services and products through need based approach. This is very effective way to address groups.
  3. Leads from community service – As a business person, this is our responsibility to contribute towards community for helping them to resolve various challenges. This generous gesture also gives you plenty of prospective clients return.
  4. Leads from advertisements – Advertising your services and products is a traditional way of collecting business leads by reaching out towards pre-decided prospect segment by distributing various advertising material. The advertisement material may include newsletters, banners, pamphlets, print material and also e-material.
  5. Leads from sponsorships – Sponsoring events and activities for example cricket matches, society events, may help you to showcase your strength and become popular. This will help you to get recall value of your brand and your services.
  6. Leads from social media activities – This is a modern way of reaching out for collecting business leads through social media. The penetration of these activities is very high. Some of the most effective lead generation activities today include digital marketing, cold emails, webinars, paid search, Facebook, and online advertising
  7. Leads from social and business groups – There are many active business groups and social group operate for helping each other for getting business leads through social and business contacts. This is also a very good opportunity to build business leads. For eg.- BNI group

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