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10 Innovative Concepts for Prospecting

In Financial Services, Prospecting is an art and financial advisors should master this art by introducing various concepts which can appeal to your prospect and trigger their curiosity thereby creating a desirable business leads. We have mentioned some of these innovative prospecting topics which may create an interest and build connect with the probable prospect.

Sparrow’s Sprout introduces 10 innovative concepts for prospecting:

  1. Create Money reservoir for family
  2. Get Second Income for you and your loved ones
  3. Enjoy Financial Freedom before retirement
  4. Making your money work for you instead you always work for money
  5. Enjoy your hobbies before it’s too late
  6. Plan for financial happiness
  7. Financial self reliance is a function of effective money management
  8. Feel financial freedom today while securing financial freedom for tomorrow
  9. Focus on wealth creation by exploiting market volatility
  10. Employ your earned money to earn more money

These innovative technique will surely give you edge over your competitors by creating higher numbers of quality prospect for your future business. Also these concepts help you to close the sales with conviction and create win-win situation for you and your clients.

About us:  Sparrow’s Sprout is a training institute for business development. We work extensively in the area of financial services. We help Financial Advisors, Planner and Wealth management firm to build their business.

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2 Responses

  1. Anjali Deshpande says:

    Nice… Some points are really very inspiring. People can love to hear it and start working accordingly.

  2. Anjali Deshpande says:

    Red once again and sounds very interesting these inovative wordings to put forward to clients … It sounds very exciting, enthusiastic, positive, hopefull, energetic.
    On each topic small writeup can be written.

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