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Journey from Courier Business to a Successful Wealth Management Company

I, Mr. Uday Badame, 39 years, am a successful Financial Consultant in Mumbai. I have completed my BCom and have also pursued various Business Development courses. I started my business at the age of 18 with my brother and uncle which was a courier company.

I’ve faced most struggles in my initial days as I use to manage college and business side by side. We would open at 6.30 in the morning and shut at 12 sometimes 1. Some days I would not be home for 3 days straight. I would do everything from loading and unloading parcels to delivery. I also experimented with various businesses but they all failed.

Turning point in my career was when I started investing in Mutual Funds. I met Mr. Rane who introduced me to the Mutual Fund agency. I started selling Mutual Funds part time at first then, acquired license and started selling full time. My hard work finally paid me off but we also had to do smart work as well, that’s when I was associated with Sparrows Sprout.

Sparrows Sprout opened so many ways to expand my business. They coached and guided us towards the right direction. They handholded us through challenges and helped us with the solutions to quickly grow our business.

My message to other Entrepreneurs is implement your knowledge. Find the right mentor and surrender to them, the success is guaranteed.

Thank you!

About Sparrow’s Sprout :
Sparrow’s Sprout is a training institute for business solution. We work extensively in financial services sector for building financial advisors and wealth management firms.

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