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Journey from Zero to 100 Cr Business Empire

I, Mr. Nehal Parekh, 43 years old, am a Financial Advisor. I have completed my MBA in Finance. I run a successful Wealth Management firm – F2 Funds in Mumbai.

My career began in 12 grade when I started working part time in stock markets. Post my graduation I worked in the markets for 15 years, but I was very unsatisfied with my job. As a broker, you trade a lot of people’s money and sometimes in trading there are great losses, which indirectly made me unhappy. That time I met Mr. Vibhash Desai who explained me the scope and opportunities of this business.

Within 6 months I left my job and started Entrepreneurship. I was good with PR so I started by going to shops and industries in Dahisar.  Mr. Vibhash and Mr. Rane helped me with strategies to increase my business. I would set up stalls, some people would not allow me but I never lost hope. Gradually, I built clients and today F2 Funds cater to more than 800+ families and manage a 130 Cr AUM.

Sparrows Sprout has been in my 0 to 100 Cr journey. Thanks to my mentor who helped me build my business. We learnt a lot about our business and how to grow it through trainings.

My message to people who are looking up to Finance sector is that Financial Services is a promising and rewarding sector. This field is a win-win situation for both the clients and advisors.

About Sparrow’s Sprout :
Sparrow’s Sprout is a training institute for business solution. We work extensively in financial services sector for building financial advisors and wealth management firms.

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  1. Anjali Deshpande says:

    Grate Nehal bhai… Quick decision maker… Is also important. Thanks a lot

  2. Very encouraging journey, nothing less than self made entrepreneur and value addition to society. Keep up the good work Sparows Sprout.

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